• What are the S2S core values?


    Leadership - Student Character Growth
    • Being a role model
    • Changing the way students feel about the new student
    • Growing your S2S program for the future
    Academics - Educational Adjustments
    • Encouraging educational success
    • Informing them of unique aspects for the new school
    • Providing them resources
    Service - Community Outreach
    • Giving back to the school
    • Giving back to the community
    • Giving back to the world
    Finding the Way - Campus, Culture, and Community
    • Campus - Helping the new students learn their way around the new school
    • Culture - The behaviors, beliefs, and characteristics that make your school unique
    • Community - The good your community has to offer
    Relationships - 100% Acceptance
    • Acceptance - Creating an environment where all are respected
    • Belonging - Helping the new student find a place where they fit in and feel accepted
    • Connections - Introducing the new student to others with similar qualities, values, and interests

    Core Values


    (Adopted from https://www.militarychild.org/programs/student-2-student)