Physical Therapists

  • Physical Therapy as a Related Service:

    School-based Physical Therapists are essential members of school teams who collaborate with parents and occupational professionals to make sure students with disabilities have access to their educational environments and can participate fully in them. 
    Physical therapists care for a student’s unique physical needs and strive to aid students with disabilities in receiving the best and most appropriate education.
    Physical Therapists help students with disabilities to become prepared for further education, employment, and independent living.

    Onslow County School-based Physical Therapists:

    • Pursue best practices to ensure students receive highly effective care specific to their needs,

    • Endeavor to see students become as independent as possible by maximizing their abilities and strengths,

    • Empower students to seek ways to participate in lifelong education, vocation, and community activities to the best of the student's abilities.

    For more information about school-based physical therapists, consult the North Carolina Department of Education website link below.
    NCDPI Exceptional Children Physical Therapy