• Hello Patriot! 

    Today we are taking our virtual learning a step further and exploring in Microsoft Teams! Please check your Teams channel and view/ complete your assignments on your virtual days. This will be our go to place! We are all learning this process together, so please feel free to reach out if you are having any trouble. Just a reminder, our goal is that we are working for all assignments and class content to be posted through the Teams account. You will be seeing lessons from all of the kindergarten teachers! We are working together to maximize our impact and provide you will some super fun lessons! You all have been working so hard and are really beconing virtual learning ROCKSTARS! I am proud of you!!! Take a look at your assignments below. 



  • Thursday Sept. 10, 2020 

    Reading: We will begin a brand new text this week. It's called Jamaca's Blue Marker. We will be focusing on the characters and how they are a very important story element. Watch the videos below: 

    Read Aloud- Jamaica's Blue Crayon

    Day1 - Characters

    Phonics: Today we will beginning digger deeper into our letter knowledge! All GOOD READERS use their letter knowledge to help them! Follow along with the actitivies below. You will need your letter A circle map to complete this actitivty. 

    Letter A 

    Math: We are still working on becoming number experts! Please watch this Math video and complete pages 7-8 in your purple math book. 

    Social Studies: Let's show our leadership! 

  • Friday, Sept. 11, 2020

    Please check the Microsoft Teams app for today's assignments!