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    Hello Friends!

    Happy Remote Learning Day.




    Get your iPad and find your green paper!  Today you are going to sign into Teams. 😊

     Please follow the instructions below! On your child's last in person day, they were given an article on "Little Green Apple".



    Click log in, then ‘I am a student’.  Type in class password:  STES20

    Watch the ‘Apples’ video, do the ‘Apple Pie Dance Break’, and then do the ‘Sort the Apples’ BY COLOR game.


    Phonics:  Have fun and explore the alphabet using the “Alien Alphabet” app on your iPad for 15 minutes.


    Math:  Practice counting 1-20. 


    If you would like more practice working on the skills that we are working on in the classroom, please login to IReady Reading or Reading Eggs on your Ipad. Rhyming lessons have been assigned to you on IReady Reading.

    If you have any questions, please contact me!