• Hello Patriots! I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day! 


    Here are your assignments for today :) 


    Reading: Grab a book and practice going for a picture walk with a parent. Remember how we read a story just looking at the pictures, setting, and the characters facial expressions! Then do 1 lesson on I-ready!


    Phonics: Play Partners in Rhyme


    Math: purple book pages 5-6 (This book was sent home to you on Friday)


    Science: Go on a walk with a parent around your home or neighborhood and find 3 leaves. Trace and color them on a piece of paper!


    Writing: Remember the steps we learned for writing: 1. Visualize what you want to write about in your mind 2. Draw a picure 3. Write the words. If you can only do steps 1 and 2 right now that is okay! Draw a picture of what you like to do on the weekends. Try and label your picture! Then add words to match your picture if you can :)


    If you have any questions please email me!