• Hello Friends!

    Happy Remote Learning Day. Please follow the instructions below! On your child's last in person day, they were given an activity sheet to complete. They will need a pair of scissors and the glue stick provided. Please save the glue stick for future assignments :)  

    Phonics: We are learning our letters and numbers! Cut the letters and numbers on the activity sheet provided and glue them in the correct column.

    Math: We are recognizing numbers. Let’s practice writing them! Trace the numbers 1-5 on the activity sheet provided.

    Reading: Listen to the book Our Class is a Family. Ask your Mom or Dad to send in a family photo so we can keep them near while we’re at school!

    Writing:  We are working on drawing and labeling detailed pictures. Please be sure to  show off your kindergarten artist skills. Use more than one color and be neat! Draw a picture of a time you were at a park. Label your picture with the first letter of the beginning sound!

    If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Barnes