• Hello Friends! 

    Welcome to week 2 of remote learning! I hope you all are ready to continue to learn from home. This week we will focus on learning our letters and their sounds. We will also practice using our math skills, and learn the importance of our names! 


    Day 1 

    Listen to ths really fun story! Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. After you have listened to the story, practice your alphabet with a family member. Can you sing the alphabet? Try to identify the sound each letter makes. 

    Kindergarteners are alphabet experts!  Alphabet Song

    We use math eall the time! We can use everyday items to help us count.  Use spoons to practice counting 1-5

     Color words are really fun! They can help us in our reading and our writing! Once we learn them, we will also know how to spell them. Listen to the color word songs then choose your favorite color and practice spelling your favorite color.








    Day 2 

    Let's continue to practice and learn more about our alphabet. As a letter expert, you can find letter all the time! 

    Find 3 things in your house that begin with the letter A sound and draw a picture of them.

    Listen to another fun song about our numbers!

    -Number Song

    This week we are learning our names. We are learning to recognize them, and to practice writing them. Names are so special! Everyone in your family has their own name! Have you family write their names down.

    - Have your family spell their names (you can write the letters as they say them) or trace your families name (bonus: draw a picture of each family member) Please bring your family picture to class! I can't wait to see them :) 


    Lastly, a BIG part of Kindergarten is being an awesome listener. We practiced last week by following direction and taking about being a BUCKET FILLER in the classroom. Wath the Listening and Speaking Video and share with your family why it is important to listen in the classroom. 


     Now that you have learned how to be a Safety Superstar, read your “Safety Super Stars” mini book to an adult.