• Hi Patriots! 

    Happy Remote Learning Day! We are ready to continue learning at home. Student devices have arrived in the classroom and we are taking our time to become familar with them before bringing them home. As soon as we are able, the devices will be coming home for your patriot to use. We are also trying ensure that the login process is as easy as it can be! I will keep you updated! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 


    We are learning to become readers! Find your favorite book and read it with your mom or dad. Find the cover, back cover, and title. Ask  your mom or dad the first letter in your name. Use your favorite book, choose a page and count how many times you see that letter.

    Next, have a parent trace your hand and count and write the numbers on your fingers. Bring in your handprint to school.


    A big piece of kindergarten is growing as leader. We have talked about how leaders are BUCKET FILLERS, who make positive and kind choices! Have you filled a bucket today? Help your parent with a chore, say something to nice to your sibling, clean up your toys, make your bed, etc.


    We all know that this year little different than most school years. We have discussed way to stay safe in the classroom and at home. You did a great job wearing a mask last week. Design your own mask and bring it to class. 


    See you all soon! :)