• Hello Friends!


    Day 1 Activities

    Listen to Chicka Chicka Boom Boom & practice the alphabet! 

    -Phonics  Listen to the Alphabet Song 

    -Math tools:  We can use everyday items to help us count!  Use spoons to practice counting 1-5. Ask your Mom or Dad to hold up various spoons. You will point and count! Repeat several times and see how quickly you will be able to identify the number of spoons!

    -Listen to the color word songs! Choose your favorite color and practice spelling it! 







    Day 2 Activities

     -Find 3 things in your house that begin with the letter A and draw a picture of them! 

    -Listen to this fun Number Song

    -Trace your families' names (Bonus: draw a picture of each family member!)

    -Kindergarten requires some serious focus! Watch this Listening and Speaking video to help you sharpen your skills!