• Beginning-of-Year Paperwork

    On your student's first day of school, they will receive a packet of forms and information to bring home.  This packet includes the following:

    • OCS Student Code of Conduct booklet
    • Password Card **Please fill out and return ASAP**
    • FERPA Notification and Opt Out Form **This form is optional**
    • District Issued Device Agreement Form **Please fill out and return ASAP**
    • Information on how to enroll online for accident insurance
    • Waiver of Optional Student Accident Insurance **Please fill out and return ASAP (unless you enroll online)**
    • Military Connection Form **Please fill out and return ASAP**
    • Student/Parent Internet Agreement Form **Please fill out and return ASAP**
    • Permission for Emergency Medical Care Form *Please fill out and return ASAP***
    • OCS Parent Portal Request Form
    • Custody Form **Please fill out and return ASAP**
    • Inclement Weather Information
    • School Fee Information
    • School Cash Online Information (to pay fees online)
    • Information from the Maintenance Department
    • Title I School Letter
    • Information about Cub Scouts

    *We request that you please complete and return these forms during the week of August 24-28.  You may pay school fees online through "School Cash Online" or you may send a check or cash with your student in a labeled envelope.  Total fees are $31.

    Your student will also receive the following on the first day:

    • A pack of face masks
    • A lanyard to clip on their mask so they do not lose it
    • A gaiter face covering
    • Their 2 Ready Math books -- Please bring to class each day!

    Please let me know if you have any questions!