• Flexible Class Schedule


    7:00-7:30 Morning greeting, unpacking, morning work


    7:35-7:45 Finishing morning work, rechecking for folders, clean up


    7:45-8:00 Morning Meeting (Calendar, Shared readings of messages about the day and goals for learning, refresher of skills, and practice of universal skills. We will also work on integrating vocabulary and habits of leadership during this time each day.)


    8:00-9:00 Math Block (review, introduction of new material, group centers, remediation)


    9:00-9:05 Brain Break (Stretch, Bathroom, Refocus)


    9:05-10:05 Literacy Block (Part I): Modeling of Reading habits, class discussions about reading strategies, independent practice, and mini lessons.


    10:05-10:15 Brain Break (Clear up, bathroom, prepare for Recess)


    10:15-10:45 Adaptive Recess period inside/outside


    10:45-11:00 Prep for Lunch


    11:00-11:30 Lunch


    11:35-11:55 Finishing of Daily 5 Literacy Centers Get ready for the end of day run


    12:00-12:40 Code to The Future / WAVE II *(01 Extra WAVE class with varying Speciality area teachers occur on our 5th, 4th, & 3rd graders' WAVE days. On our other non-WAVE days [2nd grade and Kindergarten] our class will use this time period to work on our Code to the Future projects.)

    12:40-12:55 Afternoon Meeting (Use of Leadership vocabulary, class share Plus/Delta's from the day, writing and phonics skills practice with classmates.)

    12:55-1:30 Literacy Block (Part II) Working with groups to reinforce phonics lessons and carry on Writer's Workshop.


    1:30-2:00 Social/Science Block (Except on Friday/DEAL day when we will focus on Leader In Me during this time)


    2:00-2:10 PBIS Store/ Afternoon Carpet/ Pack Up for Dismissal


    2:10-2:15 Line up and dismissal


    (*WAVE 7:55-12:10 (Every 6th Full school day; check daily behavior chart for the month)

    *Code.org Programing lab time: Scheduled time (30 minutes 2X a week)

    *Guidance schedule ( TBA )