• I will be utilizing Class Dojo to communicate class happenings this year!  When I send you a link via the parent phone number or parent email, please be sure to join my class.  Please send me an email or a note, not a Dojo message, with any questions or concerns regarding your child.  I will do my best to respond in an appropriate amount of time.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND MESSAGES VIA THE DOJO APP, AS I AM UNABLE TO ACCESS THE MESSAGES DURING THE DAY.     Thank you for your support and cooperation! 

    Behavior Management

    In this classroom we will focus on positive reinforcement. The first weeks of school we will spend time going through the rules and procedures of our classroom. Your child will be expected to follow the class rules and procedures and, in turn, will earn Positive (green) Points on Class Dojo.  Rewards for earning Positive (green) Points include: daily smile face home, Friday treasure box, and school wide/PBIS celebrations.  Please note: Students must earn a minimum of 200 Positive Points on Dojo AND no office referrals each 9 weeks to participate in PBIS celebrations.   

    If your child is not following the expectations for class, he/she will first receive a verbal warning .  If your child's behavior does not improve after a verbal warning, he or she will receive a Needs Work (yellow) alert on Class Dojo.   Repetitive poor behavior choices will result in a parent contact.   Students who receive at least 2 Needs Work parent contacts (note home, phone call, email, ect...) in a week, will not be eligible for FridayTreasure Box.  

     Dangerous behaviors, severe behaviors, and/or continual behaviors that impede the learning of other students will be referred to school administration.   

    Please contact me via email or a note with any questions or concerns regarding your child's behavior in class.  I will make every effort to respond to you within 1 school day.    (Please do not send me a Dojo message as I am not able to respond to them!)   Thank you in advance for your support!