• Day 1  

    Welcome back firsties!  Lets review some sight words!  Please play the video and practice the sight words with your kiddos.  Search for sight words around your home or on the trip to the grocery store. 

    Sight Word Video 

    Handwashing is extra important this year.  Lets stay safe by making some bubbles in between our fingers.  Watch this video for some handwashing tips and tricks. 


    A big part of our school year this year is to be sure we are staying healthy and safe! Please enjoy this video and share with your familiy. What other things can you do to stay healthy? 

    Why Do People Wear Masks? 


    Day 2 

    Time to get countin’!  Practice counting and write your numbers out.  How high can you count?  How high can you write your numbers? 

    Grandma and Grandpa Count to 120 

    Lets take a break from the computer screen 😊  Practice writing your first and last name five times.  Your welcome to send a picture of your neat handwriting to your super awesome teacher. 

    Find a book…. You know what’s next!  Read it so someone special.  What was your favorite part?  Discuss what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story.  Who were the characters? 


    Day 3 

    Do you have a keyboard at home?  Practice typing your name.  All done?  Type a few sight words.  Send your teacher a picture of you working hard if you’d like! 

    Do you think first grade stinks?  Watch the video.  Write a sentence expressing how you feel about first grade. 

    First Grade Stinks 

    This year, we will have to remain in our magical bubble.  That means that we will not have “shoe tying heroes” to assist with shoes.  Please work on this skill today and regularly.


    **Please note, this is not how our schedule will look forever; this is just for now! A more structured schedule will be established within the weeks to come.**