• Cohort B- Day 1&2

    •  Hello Patriot Families!

       I 'm so excited you are here! Today is your day to begin your remote learning. I understand that we are still working together to learn things and gather our supplies. However, I really want your first day of school to be special and fun. As we prepare to begin this new school year, I have provided you a few learning opportunities to help you be ready for Kindergarten. Please know that these activities are optional. If you are able to complete them awesome, if not please do not worry. Please follow the links and instrctions below. I will be available if you have any questions. Can't wait to meet you all!! :) 


      Day 1 


      Welcome! Today we will begin our day practicing our alphabet. Please follow and sing along with this fun song!

      Jack Hartmann Alphabet Song

      Aftter the song, use your dectective skills to find things around your home our outside for each letter of the alphabet. 

      Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

      A big part of our school year this year is to be sure we are staying healthy and safe! Please enjoy this video and share with your familiy. What other things can you do to stay healthy?

      Why Do People Wear Masks?


      Day 2

      Yesterday we focused on practicing our alphabet and learning about how school willl be different this year. Today we will explore our feelings about school and contiue to learn other ways to stay safe and healthy in school. 

      We are going to read one of my favorite stories, The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. After listening, share with your family two things that make you excited about starting Kindergarten.  

      Another way to be sure we are staying healthy is practicing good handwashing! Listen to this fun song! Handwashing Song.

      Be sure to practice washing your hands well:)