• Welcome Parents and Students of Room 4062:) I am so excited YOU are here!! We are going to use this week to get to know each other, our classroom and our school! We are going to be working on independence, listening skills and social skills that will make us such AMAZING Leaders here at Stateside. This 1st week of school is a learning experience for everyone member of Room 406 including myself so please let me know if there is anything I can do for you to make the stresses and jitters of the first week better! 

    Please make sure you take a look at my VIRTUAL Orientation and FILL out any important information that is needed! 

    **Please NOTE: Remote Learning WILL begin on August 17th. You can find assignments and activities for your student to complete while they are at home during their 3 remote days under the Remote Learning tab on THIS web page and directions will be given. Please check weekly for Remote Plans and complete them according to your students cohort.**

    Cohort A will complete REMOTE WORK on Wed-Friday 

    Cohort B will complete REMOTE WORK on Mon-Wednesday

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