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     Field’s 5th Grade Handbook 

     2020 - 2021                                                                                                                              



    It is very important for students to be at school every day for the duration of instruction.   Students will work online independently(asynchronous) and in live meetings(synchronous) as directed by their teacher, always subject to change.   


    Online Expectations 

    Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner suitable for learning.  Your fifth grader will have a minimum 90 minutes of synchronous learning(together) and a minimum of 90 minutes of asynchronous learning(independent), daily.   


    Classroom Behavior Expectations 

    One of our goals as your child’s teacher is to provide a supportive yet challenging environment for every student.  A combination of The Responsible Thinking Classroom and The Growth Mindset will be used in our classroom so that each child will have the opportunity to receive a quality education.  The following behaviors will be expected in the classroom:  


    • Be Respectful 
    • Speak with good manners to teachers and classmates.  
    • Listen when others are talking.   
    • Comment when necessary. 
    • No obscene or vulgar language. 
    • No cheating or plagiarism. 
    • Show respect for school and personal property. 
    • Be Responsible 
    • Always let the teacher know when leaving the classroom – in the chat box if during the lesson. 
    • Follow routine and procedures of the classroom. 
    • Come to class with completed assignments and prepared to learn. 
    • Have materials (charged laptop, supplies, assignments, etc.) ready. 
    • Be on time. 
    • Be Resourceful 
    • Be a self-directed learner and problem solver.   
    • Focus on learning. 
    • Use your time wisely. 
    • Contribute to the lessons when appropriate. 
    • Ask for clarification when needed. 


    Classroom Management Plan                 

    If inappropriate behavior is displayed, a student will be given a warning.  If the behavior continues, a student will be required to fill out a Think Sheet.  The teacher and student will conference together.  The completed Thinking Sheet will be emailed home.  Students who display unacceptable behavior could be dismissed from the live meeting.  If this class management plan is not working for any student, an alternative behavior management plan will be created and implemented to support the student in managing their behavior effectively.   



    Think Sheet Questions. 

    1. What did you do? 
    1. What is the class rule? 
    1. What would have been a better choice?  
    1. How do I make things right again? 



    Fifth Grade students will be receiving laptops as part of Onslow County’s 1:1 Technology Program. It is a REQUIREMENT that students have a charged laptop for use each day. Students are expected to use technology in a responsible manner. Laptops are to be used for instructional purposes only. Gaming sites are strictly prohibited and considered a serious offense.  


    Basic Supplies:  pencils, crayons, paper, scissors, ruler, headphones, whiteboard, whiteboard markeretc. 

    Optional Supplies:  dice, cards, etc. 


    • Ready Books  Instruction Book/Practice and Problem-Solving Book 
    • Composition Notebook for use to show their thinking for iReady. 



    • Wide Ruled Paper 
    • Composition Notebook 



    • Composition Notebook 


    Social  Studies 

    • Composition Notebook 



    Personal Property 

    Please keep all distractions away from your at homework space.   


    • Cell phones must be turned off or on silent during instructional time.   
    • Items such as, fidget spinners, balls, iPods, video games, personal toys, etc. should NOT be around due to their potential cause of distraction.  
    • Television and music should be off in the background.   


    Computer Usage 

    You and your student will be/have been required to sign a user agreement.  Students are given an account with their personal login and password.  At no time should any student share their username or password with another student. Students should also not change their desktop background, bring files or pictures to school on a thumb drive, nor try to access personal social networking sites on the school computers.   


    Students are expected to conduct themselves on the computers and online following the same behavior expectations of the classroom and school.  


    Students violating this agreement will have their privileges revoked for an amount of time determined by the principal, and the student will be blocked from using any computer at the school. 


    Online Learning Platforms 

    Microsoft TEAMS:  This is the main platform we will be using.  Think of this as your fifth’s grader’s desk and their supplies.   


    There will be a Team for each subject/class, including Homeroom.  Students are responsible for checking each Team dailfor assignments, directions, rubrics, etc.  We will begin with the Homeroom Team and the others will be added one at a time. Don’t worry there will be plenty of directions. (This is a great way to prepare your fifth grader for middle school.)  


    Apps within TEAMS. These interactive tools like PearDeck, Polly, and FlipGrid will allow your fifth grader to show their thinking to their teacher and peers remotely.   


    Websites:  CLEVER will be the home for all websites.   Your fifth grader will learn to navigate this site to enhance their opportunities online. 


    LEARNING RESOURCES (Curriculum) 

    Ready:  Math 

    iReady: Math and Reading 

    Pearson:  ELA, Science, Social Studies, Art and Physical Education 


    Have You Completed Your Weekly Assignments? 


    Practice makes permanence.  These weekly self-paced, independent assignments are opportunities to practice the concepts and skills taught both during synchronous learning and asynchronous learning. These assignments are mandatory.  Formal and informal grades will be given at the discretion of the teacher.   


    These include but will not be limited to:  iReadyFlipGridsPearDeck, ClassDojo  


    Work Expectations 

    We expect high quality work from students and set high expectations for products completed. All assignments will be assigned with guidelines/rubrics for completion. Our goal is for students to consistently follow directions, complete the assignments in the given time, and turn in all assignments. This will promote student pride in their work and better prepare them for their future. 


    Restroom Procedures 

    Students, with permission, can leave the virtual room for bathroom breaks at any time other than during direct instruction (unless it is an emergency).  A different restroom policy may result for a student if they choose to take advantage during the live meetings.   


    Week at a Glance 

    Week at a Glance will be posted in the Homeroom Team each week.  Students are expected to complete the assignments and attend all assigned live meetings.  Week-at-a-Glance is subject to change depending on the needs of the students and/or class.   



    In fifth grade, students receive formal grades via PowerSchool.   You may monitor your child’s grades 24/7 from PowerSchool.  Parents should request access to PowerSchool by contacting Onslow County Schools.  This Parent Portal is communication tool between you, your fifth grader, and myself.   


    Students will be given ample opportunities to practice a concept before being formally tested.   


    Please note that there will be many assignments that we will informally grade, but NOT entered in PowerSchool.  Refer to school calendar for interims and report card dates.   


    Grading Scale: 

    90-100 = A80-89 = B70-79 = C60-69 = D59 and below = (F) 


    Formal/Informal Feedback  


    Feedback will be given in a timely manner. Grades will be updated weekly.  Assignments can be monitored in a variety of places, including but not limited to:  TEAMS, ClassDojo, and various other websites determined by their teacher.   


    It is important to check the Parent Portal to have an accurate account of your child’s grade.  


    Absences and Missing Assignments 

    Students and parents are urged to remember the importance of attending school each day.  Missed class discussion and presentations cannot be made up, however there may be opportunities to watch previously recorded sessions.   


    Late/Missing/Make Up Work Policy 

    We encourage students to make sure all assignments are completed, turned in on timeand done to the best of their ability. Parents can monitor assignments through the Parent Portal (You must contact the Onslow County Office to be given access.)  


    Please note the following expectations if a student has late or missing work:  

    • No late work will be accepted after 10 days from the original due date.   
    • Students who are absent from school are expected to check the Week at a Glance and Teams.  It is the students’ responsibility to clarify directions, ask for help, and turn in the work 
    • Work not turned in will result in a zero grade.  

    We hope that this will encourage students to have their work turned in when it is due. Please keep your fifth grader accountable by checking their Teams daily for assignmentsdue dates, and by accessing the PowerSchool/Parent Portal.  


    Field Trips (Virtual) 

    Virtual Field Trips could be embedded for this year.  Students are expected to represent Onslow Virtual School with decorum and respect on all field trips.  Students who have multiple discipline referrals throughout the year may be exempt from attending virtual field trips.  




    Communication is the key to a successful school year!  ClassDojo will be the main form of communication between teacher/student/parentRemind, email, your fifth grader’s TEAMS, and phone calls may also be used.   





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    Field’s - 5th Grade Handbook 

    Understanding and Agreement 

    2020 - 2021 


    Please sign and return this page as soon as possible. Please keep the Handbook at home to reference as needed. 





    My child and I have read, discussed, and understand the 5th grade expectations 


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