Second Grade Supply List

  • Ms. Hurd's Students' NECESSARY Items for Home/Classroom 

    • 2 highlighters
    • 2 boxes of 24 crayons each (one for school, one for home)
    • 2 pairs of scissors (one for school, one for home)
    • 2 boxes of wood pencils
    • 2 heavy duty plastic pocket folders (with holes for binder)
    • 1 ruler (keep at home)
    • 1 pair of headphones or earbuds
    • 2 big pink erasers
    • 2 packs wide ruled paper
    • 2 wide ruled, single subject notebooks
    • zippered pencil pouch (with holes to keep in binder)
    • 1 pencil box (to keep at school)
    • (one) 1 1/2 or 2-inch binder to take back and forth from home to school - heavy-duty binder preferred
    • (1) 4 pack black Expo Whiteboard markers


    Ms. Hurd's Classroom WISH LIST (not required!)

    1. double and triple A batteries (not a huge pack, just a 4-6 pack would be wonderful!)
    2. box of tissues
    3. box of latex free band-aids
    4. container of Clorox or Lysol Wipes
    5. Ziplock bags- gallon and/or quart sizes
    6. Extra dry erase markers, any color
    7. dry erase marker erasers, to use with individual dry erase boards 
    8. wide clear packing tape
    9. fine point black and red ink pens
    10. card stock paper, white or off-white preferred
    11. acrylic paints, any color
    12. extra individually wrapped snacks (in case students forget to bring their own)
    13. individually wrapped candies, nut-free, for rewards (tootsie roll pops, smarties, skittles, starbursts, etc.)