OCS Plan B Options Feedback - Survey Results

  • On Monday, July 13, OCS Deputy Superintendent Dr. Beth Folger presented the OCS Board of Education with two options for consideration should the decision be made to open under Plan B.  

    Plan B requires moderate social distancing, meaning facilities and transportation will operate at reduced capacity with additional safety measures in place. Among other things, these include temperature screenings, minimized mixing of student groups and modification to normal school routines.  

    Following Dr. Folger’s presentation and subsequent discussion, the Board asked staff for more feedback from our school community on the two Plan B options before deciding on how the district would move forward. 

    Monday afternoon, a survey was developed for our school community asking some basic demographic questions and finishing with a selection on whether they preferred Plan B-Option 1 or Plan B-Option 2. 

    Information on the two options, along with a link to the survey was shared through our Blackboard Messenger system Monday evening, and posted in a dedicated section on the OCS website. 

    The survey went “live” Monday evening and was open through 3 p.m. on Thursday, July 16. When the survey closed, there were 10,862 responses.  

    On the survey, respondents were first asked to share some demographic information to let us know if they were: 

    • Parent/guardian of a child in OCS 
    • OCS staff member 
    • Community member 

    Depending on the answer to the first question, the survey branched, with parents/guardians being asked to identify the grade level, or levels, of their children, and staff selecting if they were a certified or classified staff member and their work setting. Community members went right to the last question.  

    None of the questions asked any personally identifying questions, and it was possible for respondents to complete more than one survey. Our current survey platform cannot limit the number of responses per individual without them having to sign into an Office 365 account, and free options which limit the number of responses were not able to handle the volume of responses we knew we would receive. 

    The final question on the survey asked if they preferred Plan B-Option 1 or Plan B-Option 2. 

    Results of the survey were shared with the OCS Board of Education Thursday, July 16 during the conclusion of Monday's recessed meeting. The results of the survey can be viewed below.

Option B Survey Results

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.