Family Commitment
Three parts working together
  • Enrolling your child into Onslow County Schools’ full-time virtual school is a commitment to work side-by-side with the Onslow Virtual School staff. Every child that enrolls with OVS needs to have a committed adult, typically their parent or guardian, serving as their Learning Coach. Together, the Learning Coach and the OVS teacher will monitor your child’s learning and provide additional supports when needed.

    As OVS teachers prepare synchronous instruction to support your child’s asynchronous learning, we are counting on the Learning Coaches to assist their children in navigating their course(s) and to notify the teacher if an issue arises. Included in the OVS handbook is a description of the Learning Coach’s role. 

  • The Parent/Guardian of an OVS student must serve or designate another adult as their child’s Learning Coach. If the Learning Coach is another adult who is not the child’s parent/guardian, the Learning Coach Designation Form needs to be completed and submitted to the OVS administration.