Synchronous and Asynchronous leads to Student Achievement
  • Onslow Virtual School will operate with a blended approach in synchronous instruction and asynchronous learning*. We believe that using two methods, a multi-faceted approach will provide both structure and freedom to learn. During synchronous instruction your child will learn under the direction of their teacher and at the same time as their peers. They will also have opportunities to engage in discussions with their classmates. Examples of synchronous instruction include: Video conferencing, live chats, and live stream videos.

    *Courses taught by non-OCS employees may not offer synchronous instruction; instead, they will offer office hours for students and their learning coach to have synchronous contact.

    The second component of the OVS framework is asynchronous learning. When engaged in asynchronous learning your child will be moving through the course content at their own pace and more independently. This allows more flexibility for your child to explore the lesson, complete assignments, and develop questions for their teacher. Examples of asynchronous learning include: Flipgrid videos, lessons in the Learning Management System (LMS), discussion posts, etc.

  • Platform and Course Delivery: Learning management System (LMS)

    Synchronous Instruction:

    The Onslow Virtual School will utilize Microsoft Teams for all synchronous instruction.* Teachers will schedule lessons through Microsoft Teams to provide direct instruction and provide opportunities for students to interact with them and their peers. OVS believes that synchronous instruction is key to a child’s success in the virtual setting; attendance in each scheduled synchronous session is expected for OVS students and their Learning Coach. Teachers synchronous lessons will cover a variety of topics, which will include at a minimum:

    • Learning based on State Standards
    • Support of the daily lesson in the LMS
    • Support in areas of need that have been identified through formative assessments
    • State Testing Preparation
    • Social and Emotional Learning

    Tutoring sessions will be required for individual students if it is deemed necessary for their success in the virtual program. You and your child will be notified by the teacher(s) if additional sessions need to be scheduled. Tutoring sessions may also be requested by the child and/or parent.

    *Courses taught by non-OCS employees may not offer synchronous instruction, instead, they will offer office hours for students and their learning coach to have synchronous contact.

    Asynchronous Learning:

    Onslow Virtual School will use a variety of Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) to guide students through their learning. Teachers will host scheduled synchronous lessons to teach content and provide a foundation for students to use as they explore their lessons more deeply in the PLE. During asynchronous learning, students can move at a pace that best suits their learning style and readiness. OVS recommends that the learning coach assist the student in navigating the PLE, taking notes, and ensuring that they communicate all questions to their teacher(s). Asynchronous learning requires consistent communication between the teacher, student, and learning coach.