About Us
  • Onslow Virtual School (OVS) is an Onslow County public school. It is the district’s only full-time virtual K-12 instructional program designed to meet the needs of our families. OVS provides parents and students an educational option that uses an interactive learning environment created using asynchronous and synchronous opportunities. 

    Students will be able to access and complete their coursework at their pace (asynchronous) while still being able to participate in live sessions with their teacher and peers (synchronous). This unique approach allows students to move through the curriculum and develop mastery for each unit prior to moving on to the next unit. This also acknowledges that social interaction and communication skills are vital to the educational development of our students; which is why students will be required to attend live or synchronous meetings with their teacher(s) and peers throughout the week to receive direct instruction and supplemental support.

    Classes will be taught by OCS teachers unless there is a special circumstance that requires otherwise.  In those cases, a fully certified North Carolina teacher will be utilized through an online provider. While the school day will be flexible, direct instructional times with teachers will be scheduled to discuss course content and to check for student understanding.