Honors Course Logo for Onslow County Schools
  • Beginning in 2004, the State Board of Education (SBE) approved a framework for developing and implementing Honors Level Courses in our state.  The initial goal was to provide a consistent framework to guide teachers, principals and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) as they develop and evaluate courses that address rigor, relevance and relationships at an honors level.  In 2012, NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) began the process for revising the 2004 Honors Course Implementation Guide and Rubric in order to more effectively address new standards and instructional best practices.  SBE approved the new Honors Level Course Rubric in June 2012.  This rubric will be the foundation for courses developed at the honors level and will ensure fidelity across the state. The new Honors Level Course Rubric (2012) shall be used in the development process of honors courses at the LEA level as well as guide the state level Honors Level Course Portfolio Review Process.

    Honors courses are available for many high school courses.  If a course meets the requirements, a student may earn an additional 1/2 quality point (for example, 4.5 quality points for an A rather than 4.0).