•   If you feel you would qualify for free or reduced meals  please fill out an application at the start of the school year.  It can either be done with a hard copy or at this website:

    Lunch Application


    Payment Center:



    Meal prices for the 2022-2023 school year are as follows: Breakfast, $1.25, Lunch, $2.50.  

Supply List for School Year

  • These are the supplies needed for my students only not all First Grade. If your student is not in my room consult the first grade supply list or contact your teacher. My goal is to try and keep your cost down.  Please only purchase what is on the supply list below.  Extra materials will be returned home.  

    4 boxes of 24 count Crayons

    6 Big Pink Erasers

    8 Glue Sticks

    1Pack of 8 Count Expo Markers

    2 Wide Ruled Composition Notebooks

    1 Plastic Folder

    2 sets of headphones (no Bluetooth headphones.  Only send in one pair at beginning of year and put other in a safe location in case they are needed later.) 

    72 pencils

    1 plastic pencil box

    1 backpack


    Quart Ziploc Bags, Gallon Ziplock Bags, Tissues, Lysol/Clorox Wipes




  • Please help the school earn some extra funds for needed resources.  It is simple and easy to do.  Just go to the following link and download the app.

     Box Tops 

    Then all you do is shop and scan the receipt for Box Top items.  No more cutting and saving to send in to the school.  The funds are automatically added to the school account.



Contacting me

  • Please be aware that I do not use Class Dojo.    

    The best way to contact me is through my e-mail.   I closely monitor this program and receive notifications on all my devices when I receive a new email. 

     Just remember to give me time to respond especially if you are seeking information on something that I may not have an immediate answer for. 

    Please remember that if you call the school and leave a message to give me time to respond.  I am with my students from 8:00-3:30 and will need time to retrieve the messages.  I may also have meetings or conferences. I will return your call as soon as possible. If there is a time period that you do not wish to be disturbed please include in message.  (I.E. Please do not call after 5:00 or before 7:30.) 

    Please be aware that even though I may use my personal phone to contact you I do not take calls on this phone.  If you need me to call you please call the school and leave a message or email me.

Computer Programs

  • The following are programs your child will have access to this year:


    • Clever:

      • Iready Math
      • Amplify
      • ABC Mouse
      • Xtra Math: Fluency practice for addition and subtraction facts 
      • RAZ Kids

Class Policies

Important Information