• Hensleigh did a great job making her own plastic bracelet!

    Hensleigh's bracelet

    Bristol shares her colorful Earth drawing. Great job Bristol! 

    Bristol's Earth

    Natalia's Anansi Spider

    Natalia did a great job creating Anansi and if you look below, she drew a beautiful egg!

    Natalia's eggs

    Cornish Family Anansi

    The Cornish's made a whole family of Anansi spiders. Love these!

    Cayden's Anansi

    Love the hat Cayden added to his Anansi!

    Dillon's Anansi

    Dillon did a great job creating Anansi!

    Lilyana's Anansi

    Lilyana did a terrific job creating Anansi!

    Clayten's Anansi Spider

    Clayten, from Ms. Eubanks' class, shows us his Anansi! Good job Clayten! 


    Check out Anansi the Spider, illustrated by McKinley in Mrs. Bowker's class! 

    Nathan's Celtic Heart

    Nathan, from Mrs. Carrell's Class, made the Celtic Heart. 

    Great job and thanks for sharing! 

    Cornish birdfeeder

    Way to take care of our feathered friends, Colton (Mrs. Thompson's class)

    and Kodi (Mrs. Rider's class)! This turned out great!