• EBooks and Read Alouds

  • Books that can be read electronically (ebooks) are a great way to supplement your reading. Onslow County Public Library offers students access to their digital media collections, databases on online resources through their LEAP Pass. Many other sources offer ebooks, although the selection and availability may vary. The resources listed are cost free and obligation free (not a trial period after which you're charged for a subscription). As always when using the Internet, please visit these with your child to ensure they are selecting books appropriate for them. Please check back often for changes and additions.


    Read alouds offer students the opportunity to hear books read through the authors' interpretation. It also gives them the opportunity to access books that might normally be beyond their reading level. The resources listed do not require a subscription and are free of charge.


    Watch the video below for a more in-depth look at each resource and how to sign up for access!