• On March 1, high school students from across Onslow County competed in the 2024 Trades Day event, where they showed off the skills learned in their career and technical education classes.  

    Trades Day is a partnership between CCCC, OCS, the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce, and many other supporting businesses and organizations. The event was designed more than a decade ago to help local companies and contractors connect with talented and skilled youth. 

    Congratulations to all of our 2024 Trades Day Winners! 


    • 1st Place: Julius Vang, Jacksonville High
    • 2nd Place: Tyler Folsom, Richlands High
    • 3rd Place: Daniel Szymanik, Dixon High 

    Construction Teams 

    • 1st Place: Kendall Kellum and Kelize Velez-Galan, Jacksonville High
    • 2nd Place: Jasmine Moreno and Nicholas Snedeker, Southwest High
    • 3rd Place: KJ Hennessy and Madison McClary, Jacksonville High 

    Culinary Arts 

    • 1st Place: Isabella Duke, Richlands High
    • 2nd Place: Lillian Daniken, White Oak High
    • 3rd Place: Tyler Price, ENCRSC 

    Architectural Drafting 

    • 1st Place: Landon Adams, Richlands High
    • 2nd Place: Mackenzie Gein, Richlands High
    • 3rd Place: Hunter Bruyere, Richlands High 

    Technical Drafting 

    • 1st Place: Brody Carpenter, Richland High
    • 2nd Place: Alex Jaeger, Richlands High
    • 3rd Place: Eric Castelan-Hernandez, Northside High 

    Electrical Trades 

    • 1st Place: Logan Gonzalez, Swansboro High
    • 2nd Place: Joshua Olan, Northside High
    • 3rd Place: Persephone Palmere, Swansboro High 


    • 1st Place: David Rosenbaum, Richlands High 
    • 2nd Place: Dominic Adkison, Richlands High
    • 3rd Place: Chloe Hunsinger, White Oak High 

    Welding I: Cutting 

    • 1st Place: David Seril, Dixon High
    • 2nd Place: Taggart Campbell, ENCRSC
    • 3rd Place: Jacob Criner, ENCRSC 

    Welding II: Shielded Metal Arc Welding 

    • 1st Place: Andrew Eller, ENCRSC
    • 2nd Place: Ashton Meeks, Dixon High
    • 3rd Place: Nathaniel Krieger, Dixon High 


    • 1st Place: Grady Barnes, Dixon High
    • 2nd Place: Seamus Sullivan, Swansboro High
    • 3rd Place: James Yesunas, Swansboro High