Gifted Program Service Options

  • Program Service Options

    Academically or intellectually gifted (AIG) students have unique needs that require differentiation of regular classroom instruction.  The gifted program service options are designed to provide a comprehensive, advanced, and challenging course of study aimed to meet academic and social emotional needs of gifted learners.

    Grades K-2  The Enrichment Program allows children to engage in a wide variety of developmental experiences. These experiences help shape gifted and potentially gifted students’ educational foundation, which in turn supports their academic and intellectual growth. Students in grades K-2 may be engaged in small groups focusing on critical thinking and deductive reasoning. Participation in enrichment does not mean a child has been identified as gifted, as the formal screening typically occurs in 3rd grade.

    Grades 3-5   AIG students are served through inclusion, pullout, or a combination of both. Inclusion is collaboration with classroom teacher/co-teach challenging, rigorous lessons that target higher order thinking skills for cluster groups of identified AIG students and unidentified advanced students. Pull out services for identified AIG students may include being pulled out from regular classroom at a designated time to AIG resource classroom for lessons with AIG Specialist. Lessons may include advanced reading and math, chess and units developed by AIG Specialists.

    Grades 6-8   AIG students are grouped together by ability and attend advanced reading, math, social studies, and science classes as a group. NC Virtual Public School (NCVPS) and NC Public High School courses are available for subject acceleration. The opportunity to apply to Onslow Early College High School occurs in 8th grade. AIG Specialists serve as a resource for differentiation and acceleration.  

    Grades 9-12   AIG students can self-select Honors, Advanced Placement, and NC Virtual Public School (NCVPS) courses. Career and College Promise (CCP) allows students to take college classes at Coastal Carolina Community College during their junior and senior year.  Additional opportunities include, but are not limited to: Governor’s School, Governor’s Page Program, National Honor Society, NC School of Science and Math, Scholar’s Diploma, and Sponsors of Academic Talent (SAT).