OCS Gifted Services Information

  • AIG Program Vision

    Excellence in Gifted Education

    AIG Mission Statement

    To prepare AIG students to be globally competitive and responsible citizens by providing differentiated curricula which meet the social, emotional, academic, and intellectual needs of identified and potentially gifted students.


    North Carolina AIG Program Standards

    Standard 1:  Student Identification

    Standard 2:  Comprehensive Programming within Total School Community

    Standard 3:  Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction

    Standard 4:  Personnel and Professional Development

    Standard 5:  Partnerships

    Standard 6:  Program Accountability


    Description of Current AIG Plan for Onslow County Schools

    In 2018, the North Carolina State Board of Education revised the state standards for local Academically or Intellectually Gifted Programs that were initially adopted in 2008.  These AIG program standards articulate expectations for rigorous, relevant, and challenging instruction, and directly reflect congressional beliefs as outlined in Article 9B.  These AIG program standards played a critical role in the local AIG programs and plans for the school years 2019-2022.  These standards reflect nationally accepted best practices in gifted education.  Furthermore, the AIG program standards ensure that the needs of AIG students are met, and the potential of AIG students is optimally developed and nurtured. AIG Specialists and school counselors work to coordinate programs and services to support gifted learners in OCS.


    Screening, Identification, and Placement

    Onslow County Schools’ commitment to providing an appropriately differentiated education for all academically or intellectually gifted students is evidenced by the school system’s screening, assessment, identification, and AIG placement procedures. Typically, students third grade and up are referred to be screened by their teachers, parents, or self-referral.  AIG Specialists also routinely go through the previous year’s EOG data to look for potential AIG candidates.

    Potential AIG candidates may be screened and tested during designated testing windows in the Fall, Spring, and Mid-year for 3rd grade; however, referrals for screening are accepted by the school’s AIG Match Team at any given point in time during the school year. Each referral is carefully screened and assessed for the appropriate criteria before the decision to test is made.  If the school’s AIG Match Team ascertains that a student meets the appropriate criteria for screening, parental consent is obtained before testing.

    Each AIG identification and placement decision is made on a case by case basis according to individual student assessment results.  If a student meets the OCS criteria for identification and placement, a DEP (Differentiated Education Plan) will be developed for the student in conjunction with the student’s teacher and the AIG Specialist and written parental consent for services will be secured.  The DEP recommendations, service options, and learning environments will be reviewed annually with the parent/guardian.  A student who is identified as AIG may remain eligible for AIG services throughout his/her OCS school career, with no reassessment necessary.  If a student is identified in one area (Reading, Math or Nonverbal) and EOG test scores and/or other evidence shows a need for identification in the area in which the student is not yet identified, additional testing may occur in an attempt to add this additional area of AIG identification. 


    Pathways for AIG Identification and Placement

    In order to accurately identify giftedness in students, clear, comprehensive, and equitable screening, referral, and identification processes must be in place. Onslow County Schools currently employs two different pathways for entrance into the AIG Program.

    Option A Placement Pathway

    Aptitude (CogAT) is 97th percentile or higher in any area (Verbal, Quantitative, Nonverbal) ​


    Both Aptitude (CogAT) and Achievement (ITBS) are 92nd percentile or higher​

    Example: ​

    92nd percentile on Verbal CogAT 

    92nd percentile on Reading ITBS


    Option B Placement Pathway

    Either Aptitude (CogAT) or Achievement (ITBS) is 92nd percentile or higher combined with supporting evidences: ​

    • Motivation Scores meets criteria​
    • School Performance meets criteria:

     ​  (minimum 2 out of 3) Grades, NC State Tests (92nd percentile or higher BOG, Level 5 EOG or Level 5 EOC), Portfolio


    Students New to Onslow County Schools

    A student new to OCS, who was identified and served in a gifted program prior to his/her enrollment in the Onslow County School System, will be considered for immediate AIG placement and/or additional screening.  The AIG Match Team will examine the transfer student’s records and the documentation used to place the student in the gifted program in his/her previous school.  If the documentation is such that the student would have also met the OCS AIG eligibility criteria at the time of placement, then the AIG Match Team will honor the student’s AIG eligibility and determine the appropriate service option to best meet the student’s needs according to his/her academic profile.  The previous school’s screening will be documented, and an OCS DEP will be created for the student and will be placed in the student’s confidential AIG folder.  The parent/guardian will also be required to sign the DEP and permission for placement in the OCS AIG program.

    Onslow County Schools honors the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children. Students of military families who present themselves as identified gifted from other districts will receive gifted services in Onslow County until full records can be reviewed. Upon review, if the child meets Onslow County requirements, he/she will be formally identified as gifted. If the child does not meet Onslow County requirements, he/she will be given the option to complete the AIG referral process for Onslow County Schools.