• Please contact me through email at joanna.murphy@onslow.k12.nc.us for any questions about the Supply List. There are some items on the 3rd grade list that you will not need, please note these items are (optional) for in-school learning. You may still need them for remote learning days, so consider keeping those items at home.

    There will be no community supplies, so your child will be responsible for their own supplies. If they run out of their supplies, or need to replace them, you will be notified through Class Dojo or a note will be sent home with them. 

    Supply List

    2 packages loose leaf wide-ruled paper - (optional)
    5 wide-ruled composition notebooks
    #2 pencils (package of 24, sharpened) - (mechanical pencils are fine, but lead replacements should be included with them.)
    1 pair child safe scissors
    1 box each, colored pencils & crayons
    glue sticks (8-10 sticks) - (optional)
    2 packs of pencil top/cap erasers
    2 pocket folders of choice
    2 highlighters
    Ear buds/headphones (earbuds are easier for the student to keep up with, but need replacing more often)
    Laptop case (15", padded)
    8 tab dividers
    1 3-ring binder - 1in-2in (clear pocket in front is preferable, but not necessary)
    1 pencil pouch
    2 boxes of tissue

    Wish List

    Wireless mouse (highly suggested) 
    ream of computer paper  (optional)
    Expo markers 
    Hand sanitizer 
    Gallon and/ sandwich size ziplock bags
    Index cards
    Clorox wipes/wet wipes