• February 4th, 2019 


    Dear Parents: 

    The Division of Federal Programs wanted to make you aware of a function that you can use to read important information and policies on the Onslow County Schools’ website in your home language.  First, go to the Onslow County Schools website at www.onslow.k12.nc.us  Then click on the icon that looks like an “X” and an “A”.  This will produce a dropdown menu of various languages.  By clicking on your home language, the entire website will be translated for you.   

    At the present time we need feedback on two particular areas: 

    • Title I Parent Family Engagement Policy 
    • Title III plan that impacts English Language learner.   

    To access the Title I Parent Family Engagement Policy, click here.  After you have read through the policy, you may provide feedback by going to the following Feedback Link.

    Another area that we would like to have your feedback is on our Title III plan. To access the Title III plan, click here.  After you have read through the plan, you may provide feedback by going to the following Title III Feedback Link. 

    To better access the links above, this letter is also posted on the Federal Programs section of the Onslow County Schools’ website.  Go to Academics and then click on Federal Programs.  Under Department Overview you will see “Letter to parents of EL students”.  To ensure that our programs and policies are meeting your family’s needs, any feedback that you can provide is greatly valued. 


    Dwayne Snowden 

    Dwayne Snowden
    Director of Federal Programs 
    Onslow County Schools 
    (910) 455-2211 Extension 20208