• c Backpack with Padded Laptop Section (No Rolling Backpacks)

    c 48 Pencils

    c 1 Pack Pencil Top Erases

    c 4 Pink Wedge Erasers

    c 1 Pack Red Pens

    c 1 Pack Blue or Black Pens

    c 3 Highlighters

    c 2 Black Expo Markers

    c 1 Box of Crayons

    c 1 Box of Colored Pencils

    c 6 Glue Sticks

    c 1 Pair of Scissors

    c 1 Pencil Pouch to Fit in Book Bag

    c 2 Packs of Notebook Paper (Wide-Ruled)

    c 2 Composition Notebooks

    c 2 Spiral Notebooks (Wide-Ruled; 1 Red and 1 Blue)

    c 2 Vinyl Folders with Pockets

    c 1 1" Binder (Clear Pocket on Front)

    c 1 Clipboard

    c 1 Set of Multiplication Flashcards

    c Headphones or Earbuds (No Wireless)