Please make sure you are frequently checking with your students and making sure they are bringing all important documents or letters to you. A quick bookbag check periodically can help keep you in the loop. A lot of important information gets sent home via student bookbags, as well as invitations to important meetings.  


    Keep In Mind!

    Remote Learning Days: may be used for inclement weather, quarantine closure, school water main breaks, etc. The superintendent designates when remote learning is used.

    At home learning: utilized for Quarantined students

    In the event of a remote learning day; students can log into my Teams channel and complete the posted assignments for the day. I will post a brief video letting the students know where to find their assignments for their EC services for that day.

    In the event of at home learning; I will be in touch with families and determine the best option for at home learning (ex; paper packets, or Teams assignment)