• This week in math, we will be adding and subtracting fractions as well as solving word problems involving fractions. (4.NF.3)

      We will continue to work on the iReady MOY diagnostic during the school day, throughout the month of January.

    • In science, we will continue in our Forces and Motion unit by explaining how various forces affect the motion of an object. We will explain how magnets interact with all things made of iron and with other magnets to produce motion without touching them (4.P.1.1).

    • We will have remote learning this Wednesday, 1/20.

      For Math, students will be responsible for completing an iReady math lesson. Specific instructions for this will be on Teams

      In Science, we will have a Science Mini lesson during our meeting. If unable to come to the meeting, students will still need to complete the assignment on Teams.

      Gallant's Homeroom will meet with me at 8:45 in their Math/Science Team.

      McAvoy's Homeroom will meet with me at 9:45 in their Math/Science Team.