Stallion Winds

SWO Bands
  • The Stallion Winds is the intermediate and upper-level ensemble that is offered in both semesters, consisting of students from grades 10-12. Freshman who demonstrate a high level of musicianship and dedication may also be a member of this ensemble at the request of the director. The purpose of this ensemble is to raise students’ musicianship skills and standards to new levels by placing a strong emphasis on practicing proper instrument techniques, and repeating and expanding upon skills learned at the middle school and Concert Band levels. As a member of this ensemble, students are expected to practice and perform at their highest ability. This ensemble will study and perform a diverse amount of upper-level (Grade 4-Masterworks) high school concert literature. Students are encouraged to audition for the North Carolina Eastern All-District Band. Students are required to pay the $10.00 Onslow County Band Fee. Students will also need to purchase the warm-up book “Habits of a Successful Musician” (approximately $12.00 and can be ordered through Fuller’s Music or online).