• NC Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Recognitions

    Posted by Jessica wells on 5/5/2022 10:40:00 AM

    Science and Humanities Symposium Recognitions

    On Monday, March 21, 2022, OCS had 4 students participate in the 60th Annual NC Junior Science and Humanities Symposium held on the UNC-Charlotte campus. To participate in the symposium, students had to narrow down topics of interest to a research question, and then design and carry out their own investigation. 
    This work was completed during after-school hours and on designated Saturdays with assistance from teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Martin and Greene counties along with staff from UNCC and Lenoir-Rhyne University. Onslow County Schools has been an active member in the STEM Research Academy East for five years. 
    We would like to recognize four students for their work in the symposium. 

    Madison Butts, a sophomore at Onslow Early College, completed a research investigation of the impacts of alfalfa and soybeans being used as a buffer crop to reduce nitrate runoff from fertilizer application. Madi plans to continue pursuing this project into the future by expanding her data collection and looking at numerous other variables. She looks forward to presenting her expanded work on this project again next year at the NC Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. 

    Joshua Olan, a freshman at NSHS, pulled from his experience as a student-athlete to identify his research question: “What is the most common method of motivating and tracking physical fitness in different age groups and is it seen as effective?” Next year, Joshua is planning to investigate how positive peer pressure plays a role in a person’s ability to complete a task.

    Matthew Ayala and Khang Pham, juniors at Northside, combined their shared interests in physics, environmental science, and engineering to derive their research question. Through research, Matthew and Khang knew that the cost of ceramic used to make thermoelectric generators has consistently increased over the past few years, which inspired them to ask: “Would replacing the standard ceramic substrate of thermoelectric generators with a copper substrate improve efficiency?” 

    Matthew and Khang, placed 2nd in the state, which means their research project moved on to the national competition in Albuquerque, NM. As for next steps with their research, the team says, “We plan on exploring TEGs even further with potentially different materials and designs such as nanotechnology implementation, we are determined to improve on our study to find what is most effective.” 

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  • Trades Day 2022 Winners

    Posted by Jessica wells on 5/5/2022 10:25:00 AM

    Trades Day winners are recognized at the May BOE meeting

    On March 26, over 60 OCS students made their way to Coastal Carolina Community College to compete in the annual Trades Day event.  

    Trades day was created more than a decade ago to help local companies and contractors connect with talented and skilled youth. This event is a partnership between Coastal Carolina Community College, the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce, and many other supporting businesses and organizations. 

    Through competing at Trades Day, high school students taking CTE courses can show off their skills and work ethic in their chosen fields of study. Competitions this year included automotive, construction teams, culinary arts, drafting, electrical, masonry and welding.

    Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all OCS students who participated.

    At the May Board meeting, we were excited to recognize our first-place winners from this year’s event:

    • Dixon High
      • Welding -- SMAW (shielded metal arc welding) -- Daniel Richardson
      • Welding -- Torch Cutting -- Lexi Smith
    • ENC Regional Skills Center
      • Automotive Technology -- Elayna Samson
    • White Oak High
      • Construction Technology -- Riley Melville and Austin Waters
    • Richlands High
      • Architectural Drafting -- Landon Adams
      • Culinary Arts -- Markeya Freeman
      • Masonry -- Julian Thiel
    • Northside High
      • Technical Drafting -- Corey Cupsta
    • Swansoboro High
      • Electrical Trades -- Dakota Stohr

    Trades Day winners are recognized at the Board meeting

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  • 2021-2022 NC School Public Relations Award Recognitions

    Posted by Jessica wells on 4/6/2022 3:50:00 PM

    The North Carolina School Public Relations Association (NCSPRA) has honored Onslow County Schools for excellence in communications. OCS earned a total of nine Blue Ribbon Awards for outstanding and effective communication. NCSPRA presented the awards during a virtual ceremony on February 11, 2022.

    NCSPRA recognizes outstanding communications through its Blue Ribbon Awards program each year. OCS was one of 37 school districts statewide to receive a Blue Ribbon Award. This year’s submission categories included: Marketing, Digital Media Engagement, Electronic Media, Excellence in Writing, Publications, Image/Graphic Design, Photography, and Special Projects and Events. The Georgia School Public Relations Association judged NCSPRA’s 2021 Blue Ribbon entries.

    OCS received one bronze, one silver and seven gold level awards in the following categories:


    • Bronze Award – Best of the Best 2021 – Thompson Early Childhood Center
    • Silver Award – Teacher of the Year Showcase

    Digital Media Engagement:

    • Gold Award – OCS Weekly Update

    Electronic Media:

    • Gold Award – Captain Jack
    • Gold Award – Opening Day Highlights
    • Gold Award – Teach in Onslow County
    • Gold Award – Dual Language Immersion
    • Gold Award – Eastern Regional Skills Center – Your Career Begins Here!
    • Gold Award – Pam Thomas Memorial
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  • Month of the Military Child - Purple Star Awards

    Posted by Jessica wells on 4/6/2022 3:45:00 PM

    Jacksonville area schools are recognized for receiving the Purple Star Award

    Dixon area schools are recognized for receiving the Purple Star Award

    Jacksonville Commons area schools are recognized for receiving the Purple Star Award

    Onslow County Schools has had a long and positive relationship with our military. The growth of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps Air Station New River and their associated schools and facilities has had a tremendous impact on the growth of the school system, as well as the local community.

    April is designated as the Month of the Military Child – a time when we applaud military families and their children for the daily sacrifices they make and the challenges they overcome. Schools throughout OCS have dedicated events planned throughout the month to honor our military children and families.

    North Carolina is home to a large population of active duty, guard, reserve, and veteran armed services members, and the state’s public schools reflect that. In 2019, The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction launched the Purple Star Award Designation initiative to recognize the state’s strong military presence and its support for military families. The Purple Star designation is awarded to schools that demonstrate military-friendly practices and a commitment to military students and families.

    In its inaugural year, 2019-2020, OCS had 9 schools earn Purple Star recognition. Across the state, only 10 districts had schools earn the Purple Star recognition for that academic year.

    In its second year, 2020-2021, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, OCS had 19 schools receive Purple Star recognition. These schools were recognized at the November 2021 Board of Education meeting.

    We are proud to share that OCS had 25 schools receive Purple Star recognition for 2021-2022

    Congratulations to the following schools on their commitment to our military children and their families:

    • Carolina Forest Elementary
    • Jacksonville Commons Elementary
    • Northside High 
    • Coastal Elementary
    • Dixon Elementary
    • Dixon Middle
    • Clyde Erwin Elementary
    • Northwoods Elementary
    • Summersill Elementary
    • Northwoods Park Middle
    • Heritage Elementary
    • Richlands Elementary
    • Trexler Middle
    • Richlands High
    • Blue Creek Elementary 
    • Meadow View Elementary
    • Southwest Elementary
    • Southwest Middle
    • Sand Ridge Elementary
    • Swansboro Elementary
    • Swansboro Middle
    • Swansboro High
    • Morton Elementary
    • Silverdale Elementary
    • Hunters Creek Middle

    Richlands area schools are recognized for receiving the Purple Star Award

    Southwest area schools are recognized for receiving the Purple Star Award

    Swansboro area schools are recognized for receiving the Purple Star Award

    White Oak area schools are recognized for receiving the Purple Star Award

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  • OCLC Coastal Carolina Envirothon Team

    Posted by Jessica wells on 4/6/2022 3:35:00 PM

    The OCLC Envirothon team was recognized at the April meeting

    The 23rd Annual NC Coastal Envirothon was held on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, at the Cool Springs Environmental Education Center in Craven County. This is a competitive event for five-member high school and middle school teams to compete in a natural resource knowledge and ecology field day against other middle and high school teams. The events reinforce and enhance students’ interest in the environment and our state’s natural resources.

    Teams were required to engage in practical application and paper tests in five specific areas involving the environment: forestry, soil conservation, current environmental issues, aquatic life, and wildlife. At each station, the teams had 45 minutes to answer 26 test questions and perform hands-on application. The top seven teams were invited to go to the Envirothon competition which will be held in Burlington on April 29 and 30.

    We would like to recognize the Onslow County Learning Center’s “Scientific Method” Team who competed against 18 other teams and was one of the seven selected to go to the state competition.

    Congratulations to the members of team “Scientific Method”:

    • Joseph Bell – 9th grade
    • Noah Marsh – 9th grade
    • Marlee Minasi – 9th grade
    • Robbie Gegenheimer – 10th grade
    • Devon Wilson (Team Captain) - 10th grade
    • Dr. Patrick Curley – Team Advisor
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  • Arts Staff Recognitions

    Posted by Jessica wells on 3/2/2022 10:05:00 AM

    Greg Shreckengost and Karen Matthews were recognized at the March 2022 BOE meeting

    We are proud to recognize two of our OCS arts educators for their recent accomplishments at the regional and state levels. 

    Mrs. Karen Matthews, of Dixon Middle School, has been elected to the role of president for NC Bandmasters Association Eastern District. 

    Mr. Greg Shreckengost, of Richlands High School, was selected to direct the 9th/10th grade Honors Band at the recent All-State Eastern Regional Clinic at UNCW. 

    Congratulations on these outstanding achievements, and thank you for your support of the arts in Onslow County!

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  • Middle and High School Cultural Arts Recognitions

    Posted by Jessica wells on 3/2/2022 9:55:00 AM

    High school band students, alongside their teachers and administrators, were recognized at the March 2022 BOE meeting

    We are proud to recognize some of our middle and high school students who were selected to participate in the 2022 North Carolina Bandmasters Association Eastern All-District Band. 

    This year's NCBA Eastern All-District Band Clinic was held February 18-19 at UNC-Wilmington. 

    OCS had 67 total students selected to the ensembles, representing both middle and high school. We would like to recognize those students who took first, second or third seat in their respective sections. This is quite an achievement and honor, and we know it reflects hard work and dedication over the years in their music studies. 

    Middle school band students, alongside their teachers and administrators, were recognized at the March 2022 BOE meeting

    Congratulations to the following students: 

    Dixon Middle School

    • Laylia Curry, 8th Grade, 1st Chair Trumpet - Concert Band

    Hunters Creek Middle School

    • Isaac Baxter, 7th Grade, 3rd Chair Percussion - Symphonic Band
    • Jacob McRaney, 7th Grade, 3rd Chair Trombone - Concert Band

    Jacksonville Commons Middle School

    • Adryan Avery, 8th Grade, 3rd Chair Percussion - Concert Band

    New Bridge Middle School

    • Alaynna Harris, 8th Grade, 2nd Chair Flute - Concert Band
    • Samuel Park, 8th Grade, 1st Chair Clarinet - Symphonic Band (Eligible for All-State auditions)

    Swansboro Middle School

    • Savannah Duncan, 7th Grade, 2nd Chair - Symphonic Band (Eligible for All-State auditions)
    • Christian Fender, 8th Grade, 3rd Chair Euphonium - Symphonic Band
    • Michael Justice, 7th Grade, 1st Chair Timpani - Concert Band
    • Ayla Larson, 8th Grade, 3rd Chair Horn - Symphonic Band (Eligible for All-State auditions)
    • Katherine Warner, 7th Grade, 3rd Chair Flute - Symphonic Band ( Eligible for All-State auditions)
    • Cora Williams, 8th Grade, 2nd Chair Oboe - Symphonic Band (Eligible for All-State auditions)

    Dixon High School

    • Kaleb Kirksey, 12th Grade, 1st Chair Baritone Saxophone - 11th/12th Grade Band (Eligible for All-State auditions)
    • Jacob Rose, 12th Grade, 2nd Chair Clarinet - 11th/12th Grade Band (Eligible for All-State auditions)
    • Callie Shrekengost, 9th Grade, 3rd Chair Euphonium - 9th/10th Grade Band

    Northside High School

    • Antonia Romano, 10th Grade, 2nd Chair Bass Clarinet - 9th/10th Grade Band (Eligible for All-State auditions)

    Swansboro High School

    • Amir Baker, 10th Grade, 2nd Chair Mallets - 9th/10th Grade Band
    • Collin Hewitt, 11th Grade, 3rd Chair Trumpet - 11th/12th Grade Band
    • Alan Szczesniewski, 12th Grade, 3rd Chair Bass Clarinet - 11th/12th Grade Band
    • Kirk Toomer, 11th Grade, 2nd Chair Trombone - 11th/12th Grade Band

    White Oak High School

    • Abigail Suggs, 10th Grade, 3rd Chair Flute - 9th/10th Grade Band (Eligible for All-State auditions)
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  • NCAGT Award Recipients

    Posted by Jessica wells on 3/2/2022 9:30:00 AM

    Yanina Escorcia and Kaitlyn Otis with their principal Shanta Cooks, their teacher Amanda Allen, and Dr. Michael Elder

    We would like to recognize two students from Blue Creek Elementary School for receiving statewide awards from the North Carolina Association for the Gifted and Talented. 

    Yanina Escorcia has been given the Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award, which is presented annually to a student who demonstrates distinguished achievement in academics, leadership, or the arts in grades 3 through 6. A Nicholas Green Distinguished Student winner receives a $250 check, a national letter of recognition, and a certificate of excellence from the National Association for Gifted Children. 

    Kaitlyn Otis has received the Susan Keel Lamar Student Scholarship Award, which is presented annually to two students who demonstrate distinguished leadership and achievement in visual or performing arts in grades K-12. The students given this award receive a $250 check and a NCAGT certificate of excellence. 

    Congratulations, Yanina and Kaitlyn!

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  • NC School Counselor Association Recognitions

    Posted by Jessica wells on 2/2/2022 10:30:00 AM

    Deanna Ford and Brittany Norman were recognized at the February meeting.

    At the February 2022 meeting, Brittany Norman, OCS lead school counselor, and Deanna Ford, counselor at New Bridge Middle, were recognized for their leadership in their field.  

    Counselors are an essential part of the school support system, working with teachers, staff, families and other agencies and organizations to ensure that our students have excellent educational experiences. They are often the first line of contact when students need help managing their behavior, keeping up with their academics or planning for the future. During the pandemic, the counselor’s role became even more important as they helped students and families deal with the challenges presented by disruptions to the normal school rhythm.  
    Since 1960, the North Carolina School Counselor Association (NCSCA) has “promoted professionalism and ethical practices in school counseling while providing resources, knowledge and networking opportunities leading to student success in school, home and the community.” 

    We are proud to share with you that Ms. Ford was recently selected as the Southeast Region – District 2 Vice President for NCSCA. She takes office in July 2022 and will serve through June 2024. 
    We would also like to recognize Ms. Norman for her service as current state president of the NCSCA. She will move into the role of “past president” in July, where we know she will continue to be an outstanding representative of the dedicated school counselors in our district. 

    Thank you both for your service to OCS teachers, staff, students and families. 

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  • Onslow Cohort for the Certificate in Elementary Mathematics Education

    Posted by Jessica wells on 1/5/2022 12:35:00 PM

    OCS Chief of HR CJ Korenek and ECU representatives recognize cohort members at the BOE meeting

    In the Spring of 2020, OCS –in partnership with East Carolina University –sponsored a group of elementary educators who committed to being part of the inaugural Onslow Cohort for the certificate in elementary mathematics education. The program was designed to sharpen instructional expertise, develop skill in teaching, deepen mathematics knowledge, and promote leadership in mathematics education.

    Successful completion of the six courses in the certificate would lead to add-on mathematics licensure at the elementary level. Each of the courses provided a focus on high-leverage teaching practice, a primary area of mathematics necessary for successfully teaching elementary school mathematics and a secondary area of mathematical content.

    It is important to note that support for this program–which will ultimately benefit our students –is fully funded by OCS local funds, and we would like to thank the Board of Education for their endorsement of this professional development initiative.

    Congratulations to the following cohort members who persevered despite the pandemic and completed their courses this fall:

    Blue Creek Elementary

    • Samantha Berentes
    • Ebonie Brownlee

    Carolina Forest International Elementary

    • Tiffany Kieffer
    • Hannah Blunt

    Clyde Erwin Elementary

    • Elizabeth Willover

    Dixon Elementary

    • Danielle Yocum

    Dixon Middle

    • Ashleigh Elkins
    • Anna Prindle

    Heritage Elementary

    • Christina Kreuger

    Jacksonville Commons Elementary

    • Katrina Thompson
    • Melissa Doyle

    Morton Elementary

    • Katherine Robinson

    Northwoods Elementary

    • Erika Watson

    Richlands Elementary

    • Kimberly Adams
    • Jeannine Fernandez
    • Chad Stevenson
    • Catherine Schmuck

    Southwest Elementary

    • Linell Clark

    Stateside Elementary

    • Samantha Bass

    Summersill Elementary

    • Nicole Foster
    • Rochelle Curlee
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