Fourth Grade News!!

  • ​Welcome to Fourth Grade!!​

    There are many exciting things happening this year in fourth grade.  To begin, students will be switching teachers this year.  Mr. Harris will be the ELA and Social Studies teacher and I will be the Math and Science teacher.  This is my first year team teaching with Mr. Harris and I couldn't be more excited!​

    Another exciting element for your child’s education will be the use of laptops for every child to take to and from school each day.  ​

    Your child will also be involved in the Leader In Me program.  We are very excited to begin this again and look forward to an exciting, successful year.​

    Students will have a HOME folder that will go home each night.  It will contain your child’s work, important notes from school, and any written communications from the teacher(s).  Marked and/or graded papers can be emptied and kept at home.  Other papers will need to be signed or completed and returned to school.  Your support at home is greatly appreciated.​

    Our goal is to provide an environment and atmosphere that is conducive for quality teaching and learning where each child is valued for his/her unique abilities and is an active member of our classroom community.​

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, comments or concerns regarding your child.  Feel free to write us a note, e-mail, or call.  I will return your message as soon as possible.​  Parents will receive contact and updates through Class Dojo.

    My contact information is:​​

    This will be a wonderful year!!

  • Snacks and Water​
           Students will be allowed to have a snack daily this year.  Please send in one snack with your child.  Students will also be allowed to have water (ONLY) at their desks during the day with a water station close by for refills.  Please make sure that the bottle has a resealable lid so that it cannot spill in the room.​

  • Grade Checks:
    Your child will have access to their grades on their laptops. Each Day 1 (there will be a 6 Day rotation), students will be required to log in to PowerSchool and record their current grade averages and any missing assignments with their parents. They will record this information on a weekly grade sheet to be signed by both the parents and the student and returned to the school. Please contact us with questions, concerns, or mistakes you might find. These Grade Checks will allow parents to consistently be in the know and to help support education at home. These checks may take the place of interim reports.​


    With a new school and Mr. Harris and I teaming for the first time, the behavior policiy is still a work in progress.  Please check back for more information!


    August 23- First Day of School!


  • Computer Homework: 
    Students are required to come to school with a fully charged computer, log in sheet, and ear buds DAILY, once they have their computers.  Students will not be allowed to charge during the school day (unless the computer is needed for a test, then the student will clip-down unless an IT problem is submitted).
    ELA Homework- 
    Mr. Harris will be updating the ELA homework to align with the new CKLA Reading series.  More information to come.
    Math Homework- 
    Each morning, the homework assignment is written in the student agenda.  Any assigned homework will be given to the students in their homeroom classes.  iReady lessons must be worked on during the week with a minimum of 80% proficiency per lesson, once the students have their computers and complete the Beginning of the Year Diagnostic Test (which we will complete in class).  Please be sure to complete any and all missing classwork assignments and homework pages. Missing assignments are updated in Powerschool.