Guidelines for Usage

  • All teachers are expected to utilize PowerSchool to record daily attendance and to record students' grades for assignments in a timely manner.

    Parents of K-2 students should anticipate that many assignments are formative and ongoing, and therefore will not be recorded in the PowerSchool gradebook and not accessible through the parent portal.

    For grades 3-12, recording of grades for graded assignments should follow the proposed window:

    • Daily homework, classwork and short quizzes (less than 20 questions for example) should be posted in the Powerschool gradebook within 5 school days.
    • Tests and longer quizzes should be posted in the PowerSchool gradebook within 7 school days.
    • Projects and tests or assignments including essay/ research responses should be posted in the PowerSchool gradebook within 10 school days.

    Entry of grades and daily attendance may be delayed if a substitute teacher is necessary.

    Teachers are expected to record daily attendance as early in the class period or school day as possible.

    All teachers are expected to share with parents and students the guidelines and procedures for utilizing the portals for assigned classes.

    • In the beginning of school year/new student processes, teachers will issue grading policies and course descriptions and overviews that align with what parents/ students will view in PowerSchool.
    • Aligned grading policies should match the teacher’s policy for entering grades in PowerSchool.
    • Determinations for assigning homework, extra credit, projects, etc. should also be aligned with entries to be made in PowerSchool.

    OCSS Central Support Services and school administrations will maintain parent and student portals information on district and school-level websites.  Parent/ student request forms for identification numbers and user guides will be easily accessible from the district/ school’s homepage on each website.

    A uniform process for assigning parent and student identification numbers will be followed by the district and all schools.

    Parents will be directed to complete an identification request form and to submit a picture ID; a copy of the picture ID must be maintained on all campuses.