• Southwest Middle School is a public, suburban school. The school was built in 1990 and has since added one additional classroom wing. Southwest Middle School currently has a student population of 534 students with 50.7 % female and 49.3 % male. The students’ ethnicity data reveals that 60.6 % of the student population is Caucasian, 17.7 % of the student population is African-American, 9.4 % is Multi-Racial, and 11.4 % of the student population is Hispanic. The percentage of exceptional needs students who attend Southwest Middle School is approximately 21%. There are 161 sixth graders, 203 seventh graders, and 170 eighth grade students enrolled. The administrative staff includes one principal and one assistant principal. The faculty and staff of Southwest Middle School are diverse as well. The teaching staff consists of thirty-five classroom teachers, four exceptional children teacher assistants, one office support teacher assistant, one school media coordinator, one school counselor, one receptionist, one secretary/treasurer, one data manager, and five custodians. Of the thirty-five certified staff members, one is Nationally Board Certified. Southwest Middle School is one of thirty-seven public schools in Onslow County and one of eight middle schools.