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  • NCHSAA 2020-21 Sports Manual addressing specific health and safety guidelines/protocols implemented this year as a result of Covid-19


    High School Athletic Directors

    Dixon High - Brandon Ball

    Jacksonville High - Dave MillerBeau Williams

    Northside High - Kendrick Hall

    Richlands High - Mike Kelly

    Southwest High - Eric Kliewer

    Swansboro High - Kim Miller, Brett McFarland

    White Oak High - Chris Grimes



    High School athletic eligibility requirements:

    • student must reside with parent or legal custodian within that school's attendance zone or be assigned to the school by the Board of Education

    • student must be legally enrolled as a full time student (enrolled in at least 3 courses) in the school (by the 15th day of the current semester) and be in regular attendance
    • student must have passed a minimum course load from the previous semester (at least 3 courses on block schedule) - student also MUST be enrolled in at least 3 courses during first semester to be eligible during the second semester

    • students will forfeit athletic eligibility when unlawful/unexcused absences, out-of-school suspensions, or any combination of unlawful/unexcused absences and out of-school suspensions during the previous semester exceed ten (10) days (any absences from the previous semester verified to be excused/lawful by the student’s school by the last day of that semester will not be considered). No process will exist to request a waiver of unexcused/unlawful absences or out-of-school suspensions.
    • students not academically eligible at the beginning of the semester are not eligible at any time during the semester.  (1) Exception: a student who receives an incomplete which causes him or her to fail to meet minimum scholastic requirements or is awaiting a final grade due to any state-mandated testing is ineligible until the course is satisfactorily completed and final grade posted, then eligibility can be restored immediately. NOTE: credit-recovery programs CANNOT be used to regain athletic eligibility during the semester the credit-recovery is completed 

    • student must receive a medical examination each academic year from a duly licensed physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant

    • student cannot turn 19 years of age on or before August 31 of current academic year
    • student cannot participate in athletics after completing 8 semesters of high school

    • student cannot have participated in more than 4 seasons of any particular sport after initial entry into 9th grade
    • student cannot participate after graduating from high school

    • student and his/her parent must sign Gfeller-Waller Concussion Awareness form prior to participating in any tryout, practice or contest (new form must be signed each academic year)
    • student cannot have been convicted of a felony, or any criminal offense that would have been a felony if committed by an adult 


    NCHSAA amended 2020-21 sports calendar

    NCHSAA Eligibility Poster

    NCHSAA Eligibility Presentation1                                                                 NCHSAA Eligibility Presentation2

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