What is the Global Innovation Showcase?

  • The Global Innovation Showcase is an annual event sponsored by Onslow County Schools.  This event allows a student or group of students that has worked on a globally themed problem solving project the opportunity to showcase their research and findings with an authentic audience of peers, parents, educators, and community stakeholders.

How can I participate?

  • Students who would like to participate in the OCS Global Innovation Showcase must design a globally themed project that utilizes the steps for Project Based Learning outlined below.  Interested students should contact the front office.

2017-18 Global Innovation Showcase

  • Date:  April 17th

    Time:  5-6:30 pm

    Location:  Northside High School

Steps for Designing a Globally Themed Problem Solving Project

  • 1.  Identify a concern, a desired change or a vision you wish to realize centered around the Big Idea or Concept (use a Driving Question to frame the problem; the driving question actively guides the individual or group throughout the project).
    2.  The driving question uses personalized words like I, we, or us—not “you” or “students”
    -The driving question provokes group members to ask further questions
    -The driving question is OPEN-ENDED
    -The answer to the driving question is somewhat complex and leads to in-depth inquiry
    -The driving question may be aligned with Common Core or Essential Standards
    -The driving question requires group members to learn content and skills
    -Driving Question Starter: “How can we, as (students, teachers, a school, citizens, community, stewards, scientists, etc.), plan/design/create/solve/make
    3.  Brainstorm causes and possible solutions
    4.  Develop a plan to address some part of the problem (or the whole problem)
    5.  Decide on a platform to share your transformation