Parkwood Elementary School is on a 9 week grading period.  The dates for issuing report cards and interim reports are listed on the Onslow County Schools approved calendar.  Please be sure to sign and return report card envelopes and interim reports within 3 school days.

    Kindergarten Grading Policy

    As per Onslow County Schools, kindergarten students will receive a grade of A (Above grade level), O (On grade level), or B (Below grade level) in the subjects of Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts.  Grades shall be based on academic performance and progression towards mastery of the state and local required curriculum.  Performance and progress shall be based on a variety of assessments and assignments.  Appropriate records will be kept to substantiate the grade earned by the student.  

    Kindergarten Curriculum

    The North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Kindergarten is both extensive and challenging!  It can be viewed via the link below.