• Your child's safety is very important to us at Parkwood Elementary.  Our dismissal begins at 3:15 pm.   Please communicate any dismissal change with the teacher via a note or email.  PLEASE DO NOT COMMUNICATE DISMISSAL CHANGES VIA DOJO AS I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE MESSENGING FEATURE DURING THE SCHOOL DAY.  If you choose to email a dismissal change, be sure to email it before 2:00.  If you do not hear back from me, please contact the school office to confirm the dismissal change.  When writing a dismissal change, please be sure to relay all the necessary information to the teacher as well as indicate the duration of the change.  (Is it a permanent change or just a change for the day?)  Please keep the following in mind when making decisions regarding your child's dismissal.   Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support!

    Walkers & Bike Riders-  Students who are walkers or bike riders, will be dismissed at the front of the school by PWE staff.  Caregivers will line up along the school wall closest to the flagpole.  Students and caregivers will be matched up via the walker keyring provided to the caregivers by PWE.   Please note that cars are not able to utilize the horseshoe drive or the parking lots during dismissal.

    Kiss and Drive- Students who are Kiss and Drive will be escorted to your car by PWE staff.   You will pick your child by joining the Kiss and Drive line that starts at Northwoods Dr. between Doris Ave & Royce Ave, wraps around the school's property, and exits onto Northwoods Dr. between Kathryn Ave & Christine Ave.  Please know that only right turns are permitted when exiting the Kiss and Drive line.  

    Bus Riders-  Students who are bus riders will be walked to the bus by PWE staff.  Please be sure to communicate to the teacher your child's bus number & bus stop location.  The school office or OCS transportation department can assist you with bus number and bus stop location information.

    Daycare Van Riders- Students who are daycare van riders will be walked by PWE staff to the daycare van contracted by the student's caregiver.  Please be sure to let the teacher know the full name of the daycare.    

    Jacksonville Recreation & Parks After Care- Students who are REGISTERED with Jacksonville Recreation & Parks After Care, will be dismissed to JRP staff.  There is a fee for Jacksonville Recreation & Parks After Care and arrangements must be made in advance with Jacksonville Recreation and Parks.