Head Start Parent Committees



    Parent Committees:

    • Assist classroom staff in the development and orientation of the preschool program by discussing and reviewing lesson plans, assisting in developing menu recommendations and nutrition activities and volunteering in the classroom
    • Work with teachers and staff in planning activities
    • Plan activities and programs for preschool parents in the classroom
    • Listen and resolve complaints from parents and the community concerning the Preschool Program using the grievance procedure established by the Policy Council
    • Promote volunteer services from parents and community sources
    • Make recommendations to the Policy Council
    • Communicate with current preschool parents and encourage them to participate in the Preschool Program
    • Assist in conduction a self-assessment of the classroom's operation


    Please contact your Family Specialist, with any questions.

    Dixon Elementary School

    Hunters Creek Elementary School

    Morton Elementary School

    Queens Creek Elementary School

    Southwest Elementary School

    Summersill Elementary School

    Thompson Early Childhood Center