Head Start Health Advisory Board


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    The HAC is comprised of professional health providers such as doctors, nutritionists, dentists, nurses and most importantly, parents.

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    The Health Advisory Board is required by the Head Start Program Performance Standards. It is designed to advise the Health Content Area concerning any health matter related to the Head Start Program. The Health Advisory Committee brings together staff, parents, and local health care providers to talk about the planning, operation, and evaluation of the health services. 

    Our Health Advisory Committee meets periodically throughout the school year to discuss problems and news in the health content area.   The committee includes health professionals from area organizations, Head Start employees in the health content area, and Onslow County Schools employees. 


    Luisa Davis(Committee Chair)
    Head Start Director
    Early Childhood Iniatitives, Director

    Kim Morgan

    Marcia Wright
    Sickle Cell Disease Association

    Pam Smith
    Onslow County Schools Child Nutrition

    Onslow County Schools Child Nutrition

    Lanell Perkins
    Onslow County Schools - Nurse

    Linda Swarts
    North Carolina Oral Health

    Janie Marshburn
    Preschool Family Specialist - Health/Nutrition

    Sarah Phillips
    Preschool  Social Worker (Mental Health Coordinator)

    Brandy Lammonds
    Ed Specialist/Disability Coordinator

    Elizabeth Junak
    Onslow County Health Department


    Next meeting is scheduled for May 2019.  Please check back for date, time, and place.