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  • Global Innovation Showcase to be held virtually in the Spring of 2021

    Global Innovation Showcase

    Annually, the Onslow County School System hosts a Global Innovation Showcase. Previous Big Ideas:

    • 2012 Scarcity
    • 2013 Kindness
    • 2014 Transformation
    • 2015 Sustainability
    • 2016 Solving Hunger
    • 2017 Impact-What does it mean to be a hero? (local or global)
    • 2018/19 #PerspectiveofHope

    *Experiential learning is investigative and collaborative within a community.


    • Identify a concern, a desired change or a vision you wish to realize centered around the Big Idea or Concept.
    • Use a Driving Question to frame the problem.
      • The driving question actively guides the individual or group throughout the project.
      • The driving question uses personalized words like I, we, or us—not “you” or “students”
      • The driving question provokes group members to ask further questions
      • The driving question is OPEN-ENDED
      • The answer to the driving question is somewhat complex and leads to in-depth inquiry
      • The driving question may be aligned with Common Core or Essential Standards
      • The driving question requires group members to learn content and skills
      • Driving Question Starter: “How can we, as (students, teachers, a school, citizens, community, stewards, scientists, etc.), plan/design/create/solve/make
    • Brainstorm causes and possible solutions
    • Develop a plan to address some part of the problem (or the whole problem)