• The Research on Themed Schools

    · Students as active participants

    · Research-centered assignments

    · Highly structured interdisciplinary education program

    · Concentrated instruction in all core subjects

    · Emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving

    · Parent involvement

    · Student enrichment program

    · Organizational tools


    "An IMPACT School of National Pride"

    · A model IMPACT school: focusing on the integrations of media and instructional technology

    · Big 6/Super 3 Research Model

    · Positive Behavioral Model - Green Ribbon Award winning PBIS School

    · Professional Learning Communities

    · Theme based understanding connections across the US

    · Emphasis on US geography to include literature and social studies

    · Specialized elementary scheduling to include an enrichment period, blocks of instructional time for core content subjects, IMPACT planning, and WAVE planning

    · Monthly Morning Meetings

    ⋅ Club days each month for high interest subject

    · A Focus on Service Learning

    · AVID Elementary

    · National Elementary Honor Society