• Your book and notebook Your quiet place to learn and no distractions. YOUR CAMERA ON YOUR FACE MUST be on at all times. That is non-negotiable.

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  • The following are needed for SUCCESS:

    • Mechanical Pencil/or Wood Pencils/erasers
    • Colored Index cards AND Glue sticks
    • A Planner for you to write assignments
    • Colored pencils
    • Paper notebook
    • Graph paper
    • highlighters
    • Dry Erase marker and eraser
    • Tape (to tape things in your notebook)
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  • Entering the 8th grade begins a pivotal year. It is not like 7th grade, or 6th. We expect you to know several concepts, and be prepared to take notes and use these notes.

    You will need to know your Perfect Squares and Square roots to the Number 20.

    You need to know your Formulas that you learned in 7th grade.

    Every day you will have warmups, and you will be using an INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK. Your 3 section notebook will be your best friend in Math.

    When you begin 8th grade we expect you to know Integers, and follow Integer rules, What is a Rational Number?, What is an IRRATIONAL Number, how do you turn a Percent to a decimal, and Decimal to Percent?

    Be prepared for homework nightly. And be prepared to make that 5 on the EOG ;)



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