OCS Discover 2021

  • The past year has been challenging for students here in OCS. Precautions around COVID-19 have disrupted our normal schedules and have had an impact on students everywhere. OCS Discover 2021 will include two summer programs to address learning loss, support our students, and help get things back on track!

    Click on the tabs to discover more about OCS Discover 2021 Adventures and OCS Discover 2021 Explorations.


      • Earlier this spring, Governor Cooper signed House Bill 82: Summer Learning Choice for NC Families into law. The new law requires school systems across the state to address learning loss due to COVID-19 over the past year. To meet that summer learning requirement, OCS is excited to be offering OCS Discover 2021 Adventures.

        The Adventures program will include:

        • 5 weeks of summer learning at sites across the county
        • Transportation to the summer learning sites
        • Free breakfast and lunch for each attendee
        • Small group or individual instruction for those most impacted by COVID-related learning loss
        • Daily physical activity - recess or physical education
        • In-person social and emotional learning (SEL) for all attendees

        To ensure we are serving the most students possible and making the best use of financial resources, the programs will be hosted at centralized sites within each part of the district. Host sites will provide Adventures for their students, and students from other schools in their area. The complete list of sites is found below.

        We are very excited to offer this opportunity to help get things back to normal and back on track!

        OCS Discover 2021 Adventures Sites (host school is in bold):

        Elementary Schools:

        • Bell Fork Elementary - serving students from Bell Fork Elementary and Parkwood Elementary
        • Richlands Elementary - serving students from Richlands Elementary, Heritage Elmentary, and Stateside Elementary
        • Morton Elementary - serving students from Hunters Creek Elementary, Morton Elementary, and Silverdale Elementary
        • Dixon Elementary - serving students from Dixon Elementary
        • Jacksonville Commons Elementary - serving students from Carolina Forest Elementary and Jacksonville Commons Elementary
        • Clyde Erwin Elementary - serving students from Clyde Erwin Elementary and Northwoods Elementary
        • Southwest Elementary - serving students from Blue Creek Elementary, Meadow View Elementary, and Southwest Elementary
        • Queens Creek Elementary - serving students from Sand Ridge Elementary, Swansboro Elementary, and Queens Creek Elementary
        • Summersill Elementary - serving students from Summersill Elementary
        • OVS Elementary - students will be served online


        Middle Schools:

        • Dixon Middle - serving students from Dixon Middle
        • Jacksonville Commons Middle - serving students from Hunters Creek Middle, Jacksonville Commons Middle, Northwoods Park Middle, and students who live in the New Bridge Middle protected corridor
        • Southwest Middle - serving students from Southwest Middle and Trexler Middle
        • Swansboro Middle - serving students from Swansboro Middle
        • OVS Middle - students will be served online
        • New Bridge Middle - students who live in the protected corridor will be served at Jacksonville Commons Middle. All other NBMS students will be served at the middle school closest to their home (their "districted" middle school).


        High Schools: all high school campuses are hosting Adventures sites

        • Dixon High
        • Jacksonville High
        • Northside High
        • Richlands High
        • Southwest High
        • Swansboro High
        • White Oak High
        • OVS High - students will be served online


      • OCS Discover 2021 Explorations will be one-week long "mini-camps" designed and developed by each school. These sessions will be focused on special interest topics and give students some of the experiences and "fun" they have missed out on over the past year and a half. Each school - elementary, middle, and high - will be providing a number of opportunities throughout the summer. Opportunities will be open to all students at their school and will be provided at no cost to families.

        The Explorations programs will include free breakfast and lunch for each attendee. Transportation will not be provided for Explorations sessions.

        The dates and session topics will vary from school to school, so please visit your school's website to see what opportunities will be available and register for sessions!