Future Teachers of Onslow

Welcome to Future Teachers of Onslow

  • The Future Teachers of Onslow Club – or FTO – is an extra-curricular public  school organization operated as a school “club.” FTO encourages young people to choose teaching as a career and provides a means for students to participate in realistic education activities.

    SHS Teacher Sponsor - Martha Kelley   martha.kelley@onslow.k12.nc.us

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    FTO chapters provide collaboration opportunities among educators, students, and the community. Members of FTO who share in the decision making are participating in a program that recognizes that these priorities should:


    • Provide opportunities for community involvement by participation in educational events such as school board meetings and site-based decision-making groups.
    • Provide means for students to participate in realistic education activities that assist in making valid career decisions.
    • Enhance school-student-community relations through partnerships with educational, civic, and business groups.
    • Improve effective communication and leadership skills through FTO.
    • Provide opportunities to investigate global educational issues through technology.
    • Gain insights into working with children and peers in public schools
    • Provide a variety of educational and cultural experiences through active participation in a FTO Chapter.