Swansboro High School's Student Council Association is comprised of students elected into officer positions by their peers in their grade level. Our SCA is responsible and involved with the following at our school: 

    • Homecoming Dance
    • Holiday Spirit Week
    • Teacher Appreciation Week

    The 2023-2024 SCA representatives are as follows:


    Student Body Officers

    Student Body President: Kayla Weinmeister

    Student Body Vice-President: Gianna Fandino

    Student Body Treasurer: Amir Baker

    Student Body Secretary: Rylee Morris


    Senior Class Officers 

    Senior Class President: Sophia Sutton

    Senior Class Vice-President: Kierstin Hackney

    Senior Class Treasurer: 

    Senior Class Secretary: Caroline Lott

    Senior Class Representative: Jack Munsell


    Junior Class Officers 

    Junior Class President: Aiden Nolan

    Junior Class Vice-President: Olivia Hancock

    Junior Class Treasurer: Jayda Fuller

    Junior Class Secretary: Sophia McGee

    Junior Class Representative: Kaydince Scanlon


     Sophomore Class Officers 

    Sophomore Class President: Nolan Armstrong

    Sophomore Class Vice-President: Kevin Till

    Sophomore Class Treasurer: Mysl Carpenter

    Sophomore Class Secretary: Halle Miles

    Sophomore Class Representative: Benjamin Dunham


    Freshman Class Officers 

    Freshman Class President: 

    Freshman Class Vice-President: 

    Freshman Class Treasurer: 

    Freshman Class Secretary: 

    Freshman Class Representative: 


    The 2022-2023 Advisor
    • Jessica Burch (Student Body Leaders Advisor)
      • jessica.burch@onslow.k12.nc.us